The Gaiola

Fishermen's tiny village which ends in the beach near a brute Rules of St. Francesco. To the right there is where a relief with Roman ruins named House Of the Magician or School of Virgile, according to the medieval faith, the poet would have the magic art.

In the sea, three islands of tuff among which the biggest it is the island of Gaiola, formerly named "Euplea", name given to Venus in honor from which got up a small temple to implore a happy navigation.In the surroundings of the beach, the coast is affected by caves, the biggest has the name of Cave of the Thunder, for the rumbling provoked by streams.In a field which dominates Gaiola, they are spread the Roman rests of the Villa Pausilypon. In the West of Gaiola, the small bay of Trentaremi, natural amphitheatre with profound excavations and erosions in the walls of yellow tuff.





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