The main museums of Naples and surroundings

The museums not to be lost to know the history(story) and the culture of this city:

National Archaeological Museum - It is the more important archaeological museum of Europe and preserves the Collection of objetcs belonging to the dynasty of Borbone, it also includes a series of bronzes, sculptures and others objects found in the excavations of Pompéi and Ercolano and  others vesuvian and campanian  sites. Not to lose they are the Group of Tyrannicides and all sculptures exposed in the " Gallery of the Great Masters ". There is on top of the collections of Etruscan and Egyptian antiquities and the ancient currencies.
Address.   Museum Square (stop "Museum"  LINE 1, " Cavour "  LINES 2). Phone. +39 (0)81440166
Entry. € 6,50. Closed on Tuesdays.


Museum and national Galleries of Capodimonte - In the Museum, based in 1950, to see the Collection Farnese containing works which go from XIII to the XVIII century and the Roman Collection who understands Michelangelo's works, Titien, El Grec, Raffaello and Botticelli.
The Museum includes the historic apartment, the china collection, the arms factory and many of the other different Collections among which objets of applied art  as the famous Casket Farnese.

Address. Park of Capodimonte. Phone. 081-7499111 / 7441307
Entry. 7,50 €. Closed on Mondays


Museum of St. Martino - Situated in the magnificent Chartreuse of Holy Martino, ancient convent of angevine origin, garnished with gardens of which we can admire extraordinary panoramic sights, this Museum is dedicated to the history  and to the Neapolitan culture. Very interesting is the section on the cribs of the XVIIIth andth XIXth century. To see the monumental crib of "Cuciniello".
Address. Place Saint Martino (Vomero). Phone. 081-5781769
Entry. 6. Closed on Mondays.


Duke de Martina museum. It presents a rich china and earthenwares Collection of European, Chinese and Japanese tradition and the other Collections which concern enamels and ivories.
Address. Villa Floridiana ( Vomero). Phone. 081-5788418
Entry. 2,50. Closed on Mondays.


Civic Gaetano Filangieri Prince de Satriano museum. Today the artistic heritage of the museum is constituted by more than three thousand objects among which the oriental and western weapons which go from XV to the XIXth century; then paintings and sculptures dating XIV - XIXth century, Earthenwares and chinas of the most important Italian and European factories, the coins and the other objects of applied art.
Address. 288 Street Cathedral. Tél 081/203211 - Fax 081/203175


Museum of the Royal Palace. In the rooms and in the lounges splendidly decorated of the Royal palace (XVIIth century), they are preserved furnitures, paintings, sculptures and chinas of the dynasty of the Bourbon. In the Chapel we can contemplate the crib of the Bench of Naples. The access to gardens and to courtyards of the Palace is free.
Address. Place(square) of the Plebiscite. Phone. 081-7944053.
Entry. € 4. Closed on Wednesdays.


Civic museum Maschio Angioino. The Museum exposes in the Palatine Chapel of the Maschio Angioino the sculptures and the frescoes of XIVth and XVth century. In the south wing we can admire the pictorial works which go from XV to the XXth century, the silverware and some bronzes. To admire also the beautiful triumphal Arch which shows the passage between Gothic period and the Renaissance.Address. Place City hall. Phone. 081-7955877 Entry. € 4


Pignatelli museum - in the villa Pignatelli, situated to the Riviera di Chiaia, We find pieces of furniture of the XIXth century, chinas, furnishing and the Art’s Collection of the Bench of Naples there. In a pavilion is the museum of coaches.Address. Riviera di Chiaia. Phone. 081-7612356Entry. € 2. Closed on Mondays


PAN - Palace of the Arts of Naples - The neapolitan Museum of the contemporary arts, (painting, sculpture, architecture, photography, design, cinema, video-art, comic strip, etc.) accomodates permanent and temporary exhibitions and exposures of national and international artists, conferences, one Resource center of the contemporary arts, the spaces for the didactic activities and the médiatèque.Address. Building Roccella - 60 Street of One thousand. Info. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Entry. € 5. Closed on Tuesdays


MADRE - Museum of contemporary art Donna Regina.. Museum of contemporary art inaugurated in 2005 in the ancient building Donna Regina., in historic center (building restructured by the Portuguese architect Alvaro Siza). It arranges 4.500 mq surface for the exhibitions/exposures, on 4 levels and in big two courtyards.Address. 79 Street Settembrini - phone. 081 19313016. € 7 ( free Monday). Closed on Tuesdays.

Museums of anthropology, mineralogy, zoology and paleontology of the university Frédéric II. We find the vast Collections in the ancient rooms of the University there.Address. 8, rue Mezzocannone - Large Saint Marcellino 10, tél.081-2535162 Entry. € 0,70 ( cumulative reductions). Closed in August.

Museum of Physics - The Museum of Physics is situated in the monumental building of the university Frederico II. The Museum occupies the rooms of the ancient dining hall of the jesuitical School, the dining hall still preserves the native decorations in putty and it accomodates a Circumcision of the Siennois painter of the XVIth century Marco Pino. In the Museum we can see the Collection Royale Melloni and the Physical Laboratory. Address. 8 street Mezzocannone.

Industrial Artistic museum. The collections of the Museum contain more than six miles manufactured especially by ceramic, they are arranged in various sections. Of big interest is the Islamic collection of stone floors, rich in datable copies from XIII to the XIXth century, We find also porcelain oriental manufactured, stoneware, bronze and enamel there. Address. Piazzetta D.Salazar, near  the Plebiscite Square.

City of the Science - The first one " science to center " Italian. It contains rooms-laboratory, exhibitions/exposures, a planetarium.Address. 104 Street Coroglio, phone. 081-3723728 € 7, reduced € 6.

Didactic museum of the sea. The Collection of the museum is constituted by rooms of fundamental importance to illustrate the evolution of the maritime techniques; it is subdivided into sections.Address. 5 Via Pozzuoli-Bagnoli. Phone. 081-5703924.



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